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Coaching and Training Resources

A Coach is a great resource for dialing in your training and maximize performance gains at any give workload. Being stuck on a performance plateau is another great reason to consider hiring a coach. To schedule a free consultation please complete the form below.

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To start please enjoy the three part introduction to training methodology published on this page, The Training Fundamentals for Distance Runners which is based on Tim Noakes’ Lore of Running.


Juneau lies in the northern third of the Tongass National Forest, the largest and most remote national forest in the U.S. With little development outside of the urban core Juneau’s cityscape quickly fades into rugged undeveloped wilderness, whether you are visiting for the day or a long time resident hiring a guide is a rewarding way to make the most of  Juneau’s awe inspiring terrain.


Fully Supported- $400 Half Day, $700 Full Day + $50 for each additional runner. Maximum group size of 5. *Seven Days of lead time required.

Self Supported- $50 per route. *48 hours of lead time required

Geared toward runners unfamiliar with the nuances of Southeast Alaska’s rugged terrain, a fully supported run removes all of the guess work allowing runners to truly immerse their selves in the moment.

  • Includes transportation to and from the trail head;
  • Expert Guide;
  • Laminated route maps;
  • GXP file for use with route finding enabled GPS devices.

Ideal for experienced runners who are familiar with the challenges of back-country travel. We map the route, the rest is up to you!

  • Includes laminated route map;
  • Turn by turn written instructions;
  • GXP file for use with route finding enabled GPS devices.