Five Juneau Summer Trail Running Tips

Make the most of Juneau’s 130+ miles of maintained trails by following these five summer trail running tips!

Slowing down to look at the plants while running through the Muskeg can be a rewarding experience. Juneau, Alaska.
  1. Check the forecast before you hit the trail — The mountains that help define Juneau’s spectacular sky line create short lines of sight so don’t trust the blue sky that is directly overhead, be wise and pack/dress for the forecast because lurking behind that next mountain ridge is the downpour you didn’t see coming.
  2. Be Bear Aware —  Bears,  black and brown roam the trails and urban areas looking for food. The best way to avoid an unwanted bear encounter is to avoid running adjacent to food sources, especially anadromous streams (salmon streams) during spawning season. It is also recommended to carry bear spray, run with a friend, and to inform someone of your intended route.
  3. Bring a camera/smart phone — Whether you find your inspiration in the landscape, flora, or fauna there will certainly be moments along the trail that you will want to photograph.
  4. Don’t Rush if you can help it — Unless your striving for a F.K.T., doing repeats of the Mt.Roberts Trail, or just in the groove be sure to go at a pace that allows you to enjoy the experience. Juneau’s summer days are long (18+ hours) so you’re unlikely to run out of daylight, but the season is short so make the most of it, there will be plenty of opportunity to racing the clock/sun as fall approaches the days get short.
  5. Run a Ridge — Sure the 3 to 4 thousand foot climb up to Juneau’s alpine ridges are a grind and the descents can be tough too, but once up top the boundless views and relatively easy running more than make up for it.

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